A new kind of private social club. The Saint Regis Club offers a diverse experience curated by a community of respectful and accomplished individuals.

The Saint Regis Club has decades of experience bringing wonderful people together. We facilitate thoughtful discussions, and fun, unique mixers with unique and exclusive cocktail and hors d’oeuvres pairings.

Private Meeting Spaces and Social Club

We also provide intimate meeting and entertainment spaces for our members and guests. We work closely with the Urban Retrend hospitality consultants to create warm, memorable experiences for all.

Exclusive Community

Interested in joining The Saint Regis? We are presently open to new members, though membership does require a proposer. This may come either from a current member or from a member of the Executive Committee, which includes the Club’s management and staff. If you require an Executive Committee Member’s proposal, please get in touch via the Contact Page so that a visit can be arranged to discuss membership proposal in person. (Our current waitlist is 60-80 days, so please contact an existing member to expedite our review process)